What is Gel-X?

What is Gel-X?

Gel-X® is the world's first full coverage soft gel extension system and was invented by Aprés Nail in 2017. This groundbreaking system has allowed for faster application without sacrificing in quality, durability, or beauty. Salons and nail techs all over the world have fallen in love with Gel-X, making Gel-X the fastest growing service in salons. 

What's the difference between Gel-X and acrylic?

Many traditional extension systems like acrylic or hard gel require meticulous shaping and building. It can take years for a nail tech to master the perfect sculpted acrylic set. For the nail tech, this can be a high barrier of entry because it can take months if not years before they can build up their skills enough to earn a thriving career. For clients, many will have to sit through long appointments as fresh acrylic or hard gel sets are built from scratch. 

Gel-X is a fully pre-formed, 100% soft gel tip. Each Gel-X Tip already comes with the perfect structure, shape, and length. After applying the Gel-X Tip, no other additional shaping is needed! Gel-X lets both nail tech and client focus on the best part of a nail appointment—the nail art!

What makes Aprés Gel-X different?

There are many full coverage soft gel extension systems in the market now but Aprés Gel-X was the original and still considered the most innovative. Since 2017, Aprés has continually redefined the possibilities for Gel-X. Aprés Nail was the first to create two different styles of Gel-X Tips—Natural and Sculpted. 

Natural Gel-X Tips for flatter, wider nail beds and Sculpted Gel-X Tips for more curved, rounded nail beds. These different styles allow for better fit and better fit equals longer lasting Gel-X sets. 

Natural v. Sculpted Gel-X and the difference in apex
Natural v. Sculpted Gel-X and difference in C Curve

Aprés Nail also offers a wide variety of shapes—Almond, Round, Stiletto, Square, and Coffin. And a wide variety of lengths—everything from XS to XXXL. Aprés Gel-X also offers half sizes to allow for even easier, faster, and more accurate sizing. 

Different Gel-X Shapes like Almond, Round, Square, Coffin, Stiletto


Aprés Gel-X was the first to offer half size Gel-X Tips


    What are the benefits of Aprés Gel-X?

    • Aprés Gel-X does not use any ABS plastic. It is instead made from 100% high quality soft gel. This means with Aprés Gel-X, you will get high clarity, durable structure, and easy soak off with just acetone
    • A gel formula requires less abrasion or sanding on the natural nail prior to application, leading to healthier, stronger natural nails
    • Aprés Gel-X is extremely lightweight. Even at XXL lengths, Gel-X feels light and natural on the hands
    • Aprés Gel-X will results in perfectly symmetrical shapes across all 10 fingers without a lot of filing or dust or measuring, every single time
    • No strong monomer odors, no measuring ratio of powders, and no excessive filing is ever needed 
    • Aprés also offers a variety of Gel-X lines:
      • Signature Gel-X
      • Ombré Gel-X
      • Neutrals Gel-X
      • French Gel-X

    Not sure which shape or length you'd like? Aprés offers two different Gel-X Tip boxes—280pcs and 600pcs. Try out a smaller box for shapes that are new to you and grab a bigger box for old favorites.

    Is Gel-X healthier for natural nails?

    Gel products chemically have smaller molecules than acrylic. And therefore need less abrasive prep methods for the molecules to adhere onto the natural nail. Aprés Gel-X requires no acid-based primers. Prolonged usage of acid-based primers can often lead to tenderness in the natural nails. And after minimal cuticle and nail prep, the natural nail is ready for Gel-X application. So no worries about over-filing! Many nail techs often use Gel-X to help clients grow out their natural nails in a healthy and sustainable manner. With proper prep and removal, clients should see that their natural nails have remained strong and healthy with no papery softness to them. 

    Although some clients enjoy the feel of Gel-X so much that even when they have naturally long nails, they continue to use Gel-X as a protective overlay!  

    Aprés Gel-X has been taking the nail industry by storm from its inception. This is a system that has been quickly adopted by professionals across the globe and its popularity shows no signs of waning. The Gel-X revolution is here!