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Aprés Education
Ready to take your nail career to the next level? For licensed professionals, Aprés Gel-X® Certification is the next step in growing your Gel-X® skills and knowledge. Register for a class with an Aprés Educator toinvest in your career and yourself!
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What is an Aprés Gel-X® Certification class?
An Aprés Gel-X® Certification class is a one-day class taught by an Aprés Educators about all things Gel-X®! The class is broken into two parts—theory and practical. During theory, our Aprés Educator will go over the technical background and product knowledge of Gel-X®. During practical, our Aprés Educator will then go over step by step how to achieve a successful Gel-X® application. But it doesn’t stop there! The class will also review common troubleshooting issues—lifting, crooked nails, bubbles—while also discussing follow-up steps such as removal or color prep.
How much is an Aprés Gel-X® Certification class?
The one-day class is $600 which includes up to $200 of products in a goodie bag.