Gel-X® Nail Extension Kit

Gel-X® Nail Extension Kit

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Gel-X® Natural Almond Medium Box of Tips - Mini (280pcs)
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The new era of Gel-X — revolutionizing gel all over again, again.

Gel-X is even easier and more inclusive than before with the introduction of half sizes. Each Gel-X Tip box will include 4.5, 5.5, and 6.5 sizes, making tip sizing and prep even faster and easier!

Each Gel-X Tip has also had a structural redesign. Each tip now has a thinner base end, creating a more natural finish that requires less filing during prep. Each tip also now has a thicker free edge, creating a stronger, more durable Gel-X Tip.

With 280pc boxes and 14 sizes total, Gel-X is still the pioneer and leader in full-coverage soft gel extension systems. Applied with our Extend Gel, Gel-X can provide 4+ weeks of beautiful nail extensions. Made of soft gel, Gel-X can be quickly soaked off with acetone.


  • 15ml pH Bonder
  • 15ml Acid Free Gel Primer
  • 15ml Gel-X Prep (HEMA-free)
  • 15ml Extend Gel
  • 15ml Top Gel Coat Non-Wipe 
  • 100/180 nail file
  • Mini buffer
  • Omni Light
  • Black vegan patent leather case

 Sold Separately:

  • 280 Box of Gel-X Tip of your choice (Priced separately)




Our Natural line has a flatter surface with a less pronounced C curve meant for clients with a flatter, wider nail bed.

Our Sculpted line has a higher apex and a deeper C curve, meant for either clients with a curved nail bed or a Natural client who prefers the look of a Sculpted Gel-X Tip.

Signature Gel-X® Kit
Upgrade the experience. Upgrade to Gel-X.
Aprés Gel-X Kits now offer everything needed to create a flawless Gel-X set. From prep essentials to the perfect flash cure light, our Gel-X Kit includes all the necessary items to start your Gel-X journey
Cure the way YOU want to
Whether you prefer to use it as a handheld or a hands-free flash cure light, the Omni Light is here to work however YOU want to. Now you can choose the style of light that best fits with your work.
Prepped and ready
Gel-X Prep is essential to creating long-lasting, durable Gel-X sets. Used for both the underside and surface of the Gel-X Tip, this product is key for better adhesion. Pro Tip: when applying to the underside of the Gel-X Tip, scrub Gel-X Prep until the hexagon disappears.
Set new standards with Brush-X
Made of PBT fibers, this densely compact brush offers a slim profile that offers precision control during application. Our Extend Gel, Top Gelcoat, and all of our Gel Couleurs offers this revolutionary brush.
First of its kind. Still best of its class.
Every Signature Gel-X Kit comes with your choice of a Mini Gel-X Tip Box of 280pcs. Really loved that Gel-X shape? When you’re ready, upgrade to the Pro Gel-X Tip Box of 600pcs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1546 reviews
Meagan Raymer
Amazing for a beginner!

I wanted to start doing my own nails at home and decided to purchase a gel x kit, and I’m so glad I did! While nowhere near perfect, I’m improving each time and I feel like I’ll be so much better in no time! My nails have lasted at least 3 weeks each wear before I’ve had to soak them off myself. Such a good purchase.

Carrie Richardson

Easy to apply. The only down side is how long the nails are. I ordered the short tips and they overhang quite a bit.

Lora Skowronski
Life Changing

Went from spending OVER 2K always trying to get try nails done. To doing my nails in under an hour. And honestly I feel happier looking at my completed nail designs and seeing all the money I save.

Tebble Foret
Easier and stronger than I anticipated

I’ve tried a lot of nails, and usually they end up popping off my flat, oily nail beds writhing a day or two (unless I have dip nails done at a salon). I decided to give these a try, and was pleasantly surprised. My first set stayed on 3 weeks until I soaked them off to redo them (they had grown out - my nails grow fast!). I even tried them on my daughter and she ordered a kit as well!


I used them three times and they lasted about 6 hours every time. All just popped off despite following the instructions given with the kit.