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Compact but powerful. Stylish but functional. The X-Lite is everything you need to cure a perfect Gel-X set. This LED light serves 6W of power to flash cure Gel-X tips or 3D charms with ease and comfort. The X-Lite is also rechargeable. Coming with a power cable, it can be fully recharged in just two hours. It also conserves energy by automatically powering off after five minutes of inactivity. The X-Lite is sure to become any nail artist’s most trusty best friend.  

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    Ok for meow

    The bigger light is worth its weight in gold - this one does the trick for short term


    I don't know if I just happened to get a dysfunctional one or what but mine does not work properly.
    It only turns on when it's plugged in and even then sometimes, I have to click it several times to get it to turn on.
    Once I unplug it, it does not turn on.
    It is also hard to use if you're doing your own nails as you can't hold the tip in place and put your finger under the light.

    Hannah Tribolet
    Gold X-Lite

    I love how compact it is and I take it with me whenever I travel however I do not recommend the gold one because the metallic gold paint has been chipping slowly on the sides. The reflective surface also shows any fingerprints so tends to look dirty. Not sure if the white is any different but if I had to repurchase I would get that one. I'd recommend they make this in black! Works pretty well, sometimes I have a small issue clicking it on and off if it isn't fully charged, other than that its so handy and I love it.

    Sophia Green


    It has potential

    This light has potential but it’s just OK. I’ve gone through two of them already because they stop working and stop charging or having the ability to be charged because I think it’s just a poorly made item. I like it when it works and when I can charge it but otherwise yeah might be better to buy the bigger one