Presto x Aprés ALL-IN-ONE Extend Gel

Presto x Aprés ALL-IN-ONE Extend Gel

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In collaboration with Presto, we have further simplified our already easy and quick application process with the Presto x Apres All-in-One Extend Gel. As the name implies, this bottle is all you need. No pH Bonder, no Non-Acidic primer needed! Everything is all included in this one bottle. Just use it as you would normal Extend Gel to create long lasting and beautiful Gel X extensions.


    Customer Reviews

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    The best

    My nails and my clients nails last a month easy with this product. It does take quite a while to soak off.

    Erica Lucas
    Apre cover tips

    They are beautiful easy to apply presto gel is presto

    Heather Nicholson
    My favorite

    This all in one extend gel is my favorite! Easy to apply, long lasting, and durable! If it's not lasting you, check your prep and curing lamp! Because I have never had a problem with this gel!

    Love this Entend Gel BUT…

    So I absolutely love this gel it’s thinner than the gold bottle and even though I never had a problem with the gold bottle this one is equally great in quality. I just personally like this one just bc it’s thinner so it’s less stringy. Now I have seen other reviews that says they don’t like this one and it’s bc they can only get a one day wear before their nails pop off, i do use the gelX prep (silver bottle) when I use this extend gel and my nails last until I want a new set.

    Don’t buy

    I had hopes because it’s apres but this gel is the worst. My nails only stay on for one day.