'+plus one x Apres Gel Color Brush

'+plus one x Apres Gel Color Brush

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 In collaboration with Japanese nail artist nail fumi, we’ve created the perfect color application brush. With an oval shape that fits into any cuticle, this brush allows for perfect and even strokes of color. The sturdy handle and synthetic bristles ensure the brush will have a long life in your nail kit. It is sure to become a staple brush that you will be constantly reaching for.


Product specs:

  • Product Dimension: 140mm
  • Hair length: 8mm 
  • Handle material: wood
  • Hair material: synthetic hair


How to clean brushes?
The recommended method for cleaning our Artiste brushes is to use a base gel to saturate and wipe off. For best results, use the Aprés Base Gelcoat. Another alternative is to use any brush cleaner that's acetone free. We do not recommend cleaning brushes with acetone as it can damage the fine bristles.

    Customer Reviews

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    This is such a great brush. I've been trying to find a great brush for my color gel application. This is it😁 I like that its a bigger brush than standard color gel brushes. I would have gave it a 5 star if it came with a cap. If you want to buy a cap for it, daily charm sells caps for this style brush and it works well. But it would have been nice to have received a cap that went with the brush.

    The best for nails

    I love it

    Ms Lopez
    Nice brush

    Nice brush. I got this as a gift. Works well for gel polish.
    Quick tip; clean with monomer and wipe with a dry paper towel, not acetone. Acetone makes it fray and lose hairs quicker. Keep the little plastic protector and slide it back in after cleaning and store upside down so product doesn’t seep into the ferrule and loosen the hairs.

    The best

    I'm so clumsy with polishing. Never knew having a nail brush outside of what the bottles come w would be so helpful. Makes a smooth finish & doesn't use a lot of product. Was hoping it would be included on the labor day sale to purchase 2 more. Love it

    Amazing application

    Thin but rounded very easy to use to apply custom blended colors!