Peel Off Liquid Mask -15 ml

Peel Off Liquid Mask -15 ml

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Protect your fingers from sprays or spills with our Peel Off Liquid Mask!

Formulated with latex and packaged with a convenient brush, Peel Off Liquid Mask will act as a barrier between your skin and any spill over mess that might happen from your manicure. 

Apply a thin layer on the skin of the finger around the nail prior to nail design. After you have cured and finished your nail look, simply rub off the mask, leaving your fingers clean of any residue and your nails looking immaculate!

Customer Reviews

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Alya AlMedlej

I love this Product. It is so easy to use and save a lot of times specially when you do design with the Air gel Machine

Maite Palominos
Peel off

I loved this product so much!! It works perfectly when it’s applied and peel the color coat evenly. I would denitelly recommend it.

LeRina Alzahrani
Does the job

Never had much luck with peel off masks. This one is better than others but I think it could be better.

Connie Nguyen

Peel Off Liquid Mask -15 ml

Jessika N
Peel off mask

It works netter than others I've used and dries at the perfect speed so I don't have to worry about dried build up on the brush