Omni Light

Omni Light

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Never has flash curing been so easy!

Used either as a flash cure wand or a standing self-cure light, the Omni Light can work in multiple directions to easily cure your Gel-X set. Just simply point the light and press the button to cure each nail. The Omni Light can be conveniently charged by USB and work for 60 minutes once fully charged. With its stabilizing feet and extendable head, the Omni Light is sure to become your favorite tool for effortless curing!


Wattage 3W
Size 128 x 19 x 15.45mm
Weight 31g
Wavelength 395-405nm
Battery Capacity 220 mAh
Input Power DC
Output Port USB-C


Omni Light
Our Omni Light is perfect for easy flash or self curing. With its extendable head and stabilizing feet, the Omni Light is the ultimate must-have tool for any nail artist.
Use Omni Light however you want to use it! Use it as a handheld light to conveniently cure clients or use it as a hands-free light to easily self-cure. The Omni Light was built for however you want to work!
The Omni Light comes with its own USB-C charging cable and can operate for 60 minutes once fully charged.
The Omni Light can conveniently be charged at any USB port and also has indicator lights to notify you when battery is running low.
With its 3W light, Omni Light is a great light for flash curing Gel-X Tips, charms, or nail art onto the nail.

Customer Reviews

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K. B
This is the best!!!

First time doing gel x and this one came with the kit. OMG! The easiest thing to use to flash cure I love it. Great for beginners!

Mejor de lo que esperaba

Antes de que me llegara la lámpara leí algunos reviews que hicieron que tuviera miedo de que no me gustara. Decían que parecía una lámpara barata, incluso de juguete. Sin embargo, ayer la probé por primera vez y la encontré genial. Es muy cómoda y fácil de usar. Su potencia es superior. No sé si es real porque no he comparado las especificaciones, pero siento que curó el gel más rápido de lo que la Omega lo hacía.

Vickie Ramos
Seems very cheap like something from TEMU

I have really like everything I have purchased here however I got this in today. With excitement I opened the box and got it out and was immediately disappointed with the quality. It truly meets the expectations of something purchased at Temu for $1 or something purchased at the dollar store. I am sorry to sound harsh but I feel everyone should know before purchasing because it non refundable. The return policy on items such as these should be allowed . The light that it puts out even after charging barely covers the surface of one nail. You have to move the nail all around to get covered. Not worth it. Get a flash cure on Amazon for same price and it will be 10x better. Sorry Apres I wanted to love it.

Cynthya Rivera

I wish it was heavier in weight.
The lamp does feel like a very light weight plastic.
BUT this light is worth it because the light itself cures sooooo amazingly well and FAST I have never had anything else like it.
Definitely worth the price point I would say. It is better than my Amazon light and it is better than these wireless flash cure lamps I’ve bought for $50+ dollars.
I recommend 100%
Love the stand and hand held option ❤️👏


This makes doing your own nails so easy. I love the versatility of this that I can use it to do my own nails then use it for flash curing clients nails too. Def worth the purchase.