Non-Acidic Gel Primer

Non-Acidic Gel Primer

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Our Apres Non-Acidic Gel Primer is the second step to creating beautiful Gel-X extensions. After applying the pH Bonder, our Non-Acidic Gel Primer creates a tacky surface on the nail that allows for better adhesion to the Gel-X tip. Formulated to be acid-free, this primer gently etches and preps the nail without any danger of causing any soreness or sensitivity that is commonly associated with acid based primers. Our Non-Acidic Gel Primer will ensure a long lasting and comfortable wear for any set of Gel-X extensions!

Customer Reviews

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Dwana Dowling
Very sticky but I love it

Great for adhesion, i’ve learned to work with it despite the extreme stickiness lol. Love the size making it easier to apply. After learning how to use it, I love this product

Faith Davies
It has lasted me two weeks

It is making my gel manicures last two weeks or more. I am very pleased with the brush itself. I like how it is small and somewhat flared, it makes it easy to apply on my nails without over saturating them. The smell isn't strong either, I have used primers in the past that had a horrible smell. For the price I feel like I am getting a lot, I am also a diver and not a professional so I know that it will last me a long time before I have to buy another bottle.

Works really well

I have been using this along with the pH Bonder. I have problem nails and it works really well to prevent lifting with the GelX system and regular gel polish.

Does not work

I tried this primer right before going on vacation and was only gone for 5 days and came back with half a hand gone. I have never had gelx pop off as easily as with this primer. I tried the primer on a friend and she popped them all completely off within days. I really wanted to like this product but I do not understand why people rave about it.

Avery Rutan
So much better

It works really well and actually makes them stay