Nail Remover Foil Wraps

Nail Remover Foil Wraps

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Apres Gel Nail Remover Foil Wraps are made for quick and efficient removals. Made from sturdy but flexible aluminum foil, the wraps already have a cotton pad attached in the most optimal position to allow for easy and convenient wrapping. These wraps will help you quickly take off everything from acrylic to gel without leaking or tearing.
Nail Remover Foil Wraps 200 PCS

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    The Nail Mom Chronicles
    Amazing quality!

    I love these foil wraps. The cotton pad on the inside is thick so it absorbs the acetone thoroughly enough to penetrate the product for soak offs. I do with the foil itself was a little longer in length but for the price point they’re amazing.

    Stephanie S.

    I have used many nail remover products. This one, however, works wonderfully well - even when used upside down!! :-D The first time I used these I fell in love. The pads soaked up and held the acetone product and the foil held the liquid in to remove the nail gel effectively. Imagine how the love grew when I realized that I was using them upside down and they worked even better when used properly!! The foil doesn't tear, and the wraps remain in place making it easy to use your hands while soaking the nails off.

    These are the best

    I love these nail remover wraps. The foil is very sturdy, and the pad is large enough to actually cover the nail, and very absorbent. I would not be without these.

    Otesha Gilead
    Simple and reliable

    These foils get the job done period! Love love the foils don’t have to worry about wasting my kitchen foil paper 😆 any more they’re comfortable the gel soaks off way faster so im saving time & 💵 I definitely recommend

    Neida Rivera
    Nail Remover Foil Wraps

    I love the concept and it makes it very easy to use but i will say it says to leave for 10 min but i think maybe 15-20 minutes has a better outcome.