Long Liner Brush

Long Liner Brush

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The Artiste Long Liner brush is the perfect brush for any kind of fine and detailed line work. From drawing even long strokes to any master piece, this brush will be a go-to for a variety of art styles. Manufactured with synthetic fiber bristles, this brush will be able to withstand constant and regular use without warping or falling out.


How to clean brushes?
The recommended method for cleaning our Artiste brushes is to use a base gel to saturate and wipe off. For best results, use the Aprés Base Gelcoat. Another alternative is to use any brush cleaner that's acetone free. We do not recommend cleaning brushes with acetone as it can damage the fine bristles.

Customer Reviews

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Nayeli Rodriguez-Maya
Long liner brush!

Love how thin it is and easy to work with! Would definitely recommend!

Stephanie Braswell
High quality

If your looking for top quality then you will find it in this brush im far from an expert been doing press one for just 3 years and this is by far is one of the best brushes I have brought this far and I have many...i will be buying more to just have for back up.

Great Brush!

I have over 15 long liner brushes in my collection. The biggest issue I’ve found is that I don’t get an even line. Gel polish always tends to gather too much at the tip, even when I wipe some off. The bristles on this brush saturate evenly and gives me a long, even, and opaque line in one go. I find that I rarely have to go over it again. It even allows me to create a really thin outline.

No more holding my breath! I get my designs and smile line perfect in one pass.

Brittany Marrow

Long Liner Brush

Georgette Hutson Ozambela
Best liner ever

I have used a multiple of liners over the years, and have always found them to be a little stiff. Meaning that there is no solid flow..not this one. When your creating your art work or even lines, the brush just flows..its the best liner I have ever had.