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Like Mystery Box

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Do you like us–Y or N?

Go ahead and say yes by grabbing a LIKE Mystery Box! Filled with amazing goodies valued up to $400, this mystery box is sure to have you slipping us notes between classes.

So, do you like us or do you like like us?

+ Receive 25% OFF a Gel-X Certification Class 

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*Gel-X Certification class expires May 2024
**Submit an unboxing video to and post to your IG story and tag @apresnailofficial



Thank you for your interest in our mystery boxes. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before making a purchase.

  1. Sales are Final: All sales of our mystery boxes are final. Once a purchase is made, it cannot be canceled or refunded. Please consider this before completing your order.

  2. Non-Refundable: Due to the nature of mystery boxes and the random contents within, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. The surprise and excitement of receiving a mystery item is part of the experience.

  3. Random Contents: The nature of a mystery box is that the contents are chosen at random. We curate our mystery boxes with a variety of items, but specific items cannot be guaranteed. Each box is unique and may contain different items from other boxes.

  4. No Requests or Exchanges: We are unable to accommodate specific requests for items or exchanges of items within the mystery box. The selection of contents is determined solely by our team.

  5. Quality Assurance: While we strive to ensure the quality of all items in our mystery boxes, we cannot guarantee the condition, suitability, or value of any individual item. Items may vary in brand, size, color, or style.

By completing your purchase, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions regarding our mystery boxes. We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy the element of surprise that comes with each box.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer support team.

      Customer Reviews

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      Ashley A
      So many goodies!

      Definitely worth the money and now I have so much apres products that I love 🫶🏻

      Cool stuff but no luck

      Unfortunately all the tips that came were natural which does not suit my nail plate but other than that I got things I would typically not buy which is the reason why I got the mystery box in the first place - I wanted to try out some stuff from the brand. The gel polishes were also great. Generally speaking if you have a strong natural C curve I would not recommend you get the mystery box because from what I saw most of the boxes came with “natural” shape of the tips. It was a nice experience but I would stick to buying whatever I needed next time.

      Elizabeth Merino
      Mystery box of $200

      What can I say the stuff was nice I was very excited when I got my box . Yes there very nice things but when I calculated everything I got in the box it was not worth the $400 dollars . Why would they do false advertisement, they should be straight with the clients on how much they will get . I will say buy everything individually if you want the stuff you like . Don’t get the box expecting that your going to get the amount of product they are saying . I always buy from them and I love there products but I was a little disappointed with this box . Hopefully next time it’s much better .

      Myranda Yuill

      Like Mystery Box

      So extremely disappointing

      I was extremely disappointed with my box once it came, bunch of little implements I don’t need or want to spend $200 on and I already owned the bigger items I was sent I already owned the New York polish set and 4 other single polishes THATS ALL so I was so excited to get some new colors. Nope I just so happened to get the only polish set I already had for them and the 2 separate polishes they sent me I already owned. Mind you like I said I only have 4 single polishes from them so what are the odds of that happening. This only bugs me bc apres would have access to my order history so it’s a little annoying I got sent SO MUCH of what I already own. I’ve been trying to sell the box but no one wants it once they see what’s inside so I guess I’m not the only one who thinks this box is crap(at least the box I received). Between this and the duo pack situation I’m not feelin apres lately. Super upset I spent $200 on this definitely would NOT reccomend.