Jenny Secret x Apres Gel-X® Tips - Sculpted Stiletto Extra Extra Extra Long - 10 Sizes

Jenny Secret x Apres Gel-X® Tips - Sculpted Stiletto Extra Extra Extra Long - 10 Sizes

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If you know about Cardi B’s infamously extra nails, then you know Cardi B’s infamously extra nail artist, Jenny Bui. Known as the Queen of Bling, Jenny and Apres have collaborated to bring you the most extra tips to date! By far the longest length we’ve ever made, these sculpted stiletto extra extra extra long tips are everything you need to make your extra long, extra bling nail dreams finally come true!

One box includes 25pcs of 10 sizes, total of 250pcs. 

Customer Reviews

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Elsa Marquez

Nail tips go downward when they are applied on natural nail. To top it off they are non-refundable.

Chang Meng
Extremely long

If you want really really long nails these are the ones to get. Far easier than stacking several nail forms together.


THESE ARE AWFUL! The c-curve is strong here. Unless you have an extremely curved nail shape there will be huge gapping between your nail and this garbage nail. They most definitely are not extra long. They are shorter and not as well shaped as my extra long from Amazon.

Pic of mine now as reference on length. The ones pictured ARE NOT apres. They are amazon. The Jenny extra long are shorter than this

Another waste of money for me as none were used and returns are not accepted

Londyn Brooks

Super long with great shape! Love!


There is so much to say about these tips. To say that I love them is an understatement, because they are so FIERCE. I love the iridescent case that they come in, and we all know anything iridescent is going to be fierce. I ABSOLUTELY love the length of these and they are not too sharp to where you're poking yourself all the time. I have flat wide nail beds and these sculpted nails came out perfectly with just a little more gel to feel in that empty space. There was a burn to them while flash curing them, but I'm sure that's because of the amount of gel, but other than that they are PERFECT. I kept them on for 3 and a half weeks and they still looked FIERCE. Definitely recommend!!