Jenny Secret x Apres Gel-X® Kit

Jenny Secret x Apres Gel-X® Kit

Box of Tips of Your Choice
Jenny Secret x Apres Gel-X® Tips - Sculpted Stiletto Extra Extra Extra Long - 10 Sizes
Jenny Secret x Apres Gel-X® Tips - Sculpted Stiletto Extra Extra Extra Long - 10 Sizes
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If you know about Cardi B’s infamously extra nails, then you know Cardi B’s infamously extra nail artist, Jenny Bui. Known as the Queen of Bling, Jenny and Apres have collaborated to bring you the most extra kit to date! Starting from the beautifully holographic case to the box of the longest tips we’ve ever made, this kit includes everything you’ll need to make your extra long, extra bling nail dreams finally come true! 


-15ml Apres pH Bonder
-15ml Apres Non-Acidic Gel Primer
-15ml Apres Soak Off Extend Gel bottle 
-15ml Apres Non-Wipe Top Gelcoat 
-X-Lite LED light
-100/180 grit emery board

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Rodriguez

The nails don't stick on my fingers. Trust me I follow the steps b4i apply them and they start popping off my fingers one by 1...don't u claim that they will last up to three weeks?

Suzan Simon
Love it

Love the box design, so pretty! The nails are a little too long for me but I’m sure one of my clients will enjoy them! Love love love Gel X, my favorite and genius idea to have your colors be an all in one bottle! I will definitely be investing in more. <3

Alima Bahshoota
This product is AMAZING

I have used this product and am completely satisfied, it is excellent and durable for both full sets and fills, I am going to convert all my customers to the Apres Gel X Extends 😍💋🥰

Amazing products

I’m looking to buy more

Gabriela A Ledesma

Definitely amazing