Neutrals Gel-X® Alex Natural Square Short Box of Tips 150pcs - 11 Sizes

Neutrals Gel-X® Alex Natural Square Short Box of Tips 150pcs - 11 Sizes

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“My Nails But Better - MNBB” is your nails on their best day. That’s what Aprés Neutrals aims to create—your nails on their absolute best day.

Offered in shades from peach to mauve, Aprés Neutrals Gel-X mimics the natural color of the nail bed, extending it and creating a simple but flawlessly natural look. Whether worn alone for a simple, effortless look or used as a base for nail art, Aprés Neutrals Gel-X Tips are sure to make any set of nails look like your nails but better!

One box includes 150pcs of Gel-X Tips in 11 sizes, including 00. All of our Aprés Neutral Gel-X Tips are carefully molded from our patented soft gel formula and infused with pigmented gel, to provide the most comfortable and lightweight nail enhancements on the market.



Our Natural line has a flatter surface with a less pronounced C curve meant for clients with a flatter, wider nail bed.

Our Sculpted line has a higher apex and a deeper C curve, meant for either clients with a curved nail bed or a Natural client who prefers the look of a Sculpted Gel-X Tip.

And remember! These Gel-X Tips have pigment infused into the gel so they do require a longer cure—30 sec for a flash cure and 60 sec for a full cure.

My Nails But Better
Achieve flawless extensions and the perfect neutral shade all with one Gel-X Tip
From a sheer blush to a dusty amethyst, Neutrals Gel-X Tip offer an easy base for nail art or a quick apply-and-go set
Offered in a variety of shapes, lengths, and colors, find the perfect Neutrals Gel-X Tip for you!
Remember, Neutrals Gel-X Tip requires double the cure time. 30 sec flash cure and 60 sec full cure in an LED lamp!
Neutrals Gel-X Tips include 150 pieces per box with more pieces in the more common sizes. 10 pieces for sizes 00, 0, 1, 2, 7, 8, 9. 20 pieces for sizes 3, 4, 5, 6

Customer Reviews

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Shenequa Reid
Gel-X™ Neutrals Alex Natural Square Short Box of Tips 150pcs?

I am in love with the shape and length since I work a physical job and type essays all day for school. I really like how the gel-x neutrals have 11 sizes, wish aprés would make refill bags for this series of nails. Also, they are very sturdy and long lasting when nail prep is done right. I will be buying more because I just love the fact of doing my own nails and how aprés have good quality gel nails, the shapes are good, and have sizes that fit ALL my nail beds which was my biggest issue with other gel nail brands. However, ever since I stumbled across aprés Gel-X nails and their new series Gel-X neutrals, I will only buy aprés Gel-X nails.

Best Cover Color

Hands down the best color of the neutrals! I will admit it is harder to see the gel flow to cure but it does cure!


Perfect for white French tips. LOVE