Gel-X® Natural Almond Extra Short Box of Tips - Pro (600pcs)

Gel-X® Natural Almond Extra Short Box of Tips - Pro (600pcs)

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The new era of Gel-X — revolutionizing gel all over again, again.

Gel-X is even easier and more inclusive than before with the introduction of half sizes. Each Gel-X Tip box will include 4.5, 5.5, and 6.5 sizes, making tip sizing and prep even faster and easier!

Each Gel-X Tip has also had a structural redesign. Each tip now has a thinner base end, creating a more natural finish that requires less filing during prep. Each tip also now has a thicker free edge, creating a stronger, more durable Gel-X Tip.

With 600 pieces per box and 14 sizes total, Gel-X is still the pioneer and leader in full coverage soft gel extension system. Applied with our Extend Gel, Gel-X can provide 4+ weeks of beautiful nail extensions. Made of soft gel, Gel-X can be quickly soaked off with acetone.



Our Natural line has a flatter surface with a less pronounced C curve meant for clients with a flatter, wider nail bed.

Our Sculpted line has a higher apex and a deeper C curve, meant for either clients with a curved nail bed or a Natural client who prefers the look of a Sculpted Gel-X Tip.

A new era of Gel-X
Revolutionizing Gel All Over Again, Again
Structural Redesign
You asked. We delivered.
Almond has arrived
Three new half sizes for the perfect fit
New extra short length.
Now available in all shapes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Annabelle Gomez
Great for little fingers

I use these on my 7 year old , and 10 year old , they fit them very well ! And still give them just a tiny bit of length they are perfect

A must have!

The XS range of Apres tips are shorter than other brands I’ve tried! A tad more sculpted (even though they’re natural), but still shorter.

The XS lengths have become my customers favorites since introducing them to my shop. A must have range of products to get.

Alicia Wendt
Amazing products!!

I bought the gel-x tips, base- and top coat, extend gel, and builder on a bottle. The durability is amazing. I did my first set right when I got the products, both gel on my natural nail and with tips on the nails I had broken. Now 30 days later I have done one infill and no lifting whatsoever. It is easy to apply and looks amazing, what more can you ask for? I will definitely buy all my products from here in the future!


I have tried SEVERAL gel-x tips from manyyyyy different companies and I have literally always had an issue. The adhesive would always stick to my nail but the tips would pop off. And not in a few days I mean immediately after. I tell you no lie. So I was extremely hesitant but I bought them (I also bought the iconic gel to glue them). Baby, I have tested these out like I have with the others and these are it!!! I will NEVER buy from any other brand ever again. In the picture I used aprés Lucy Envelope which is another buy y’all need to get. As an inspiring nail tech and someone who’s been doing their nails for an extremely long time, these products are of great quality and I will pay whatever I need in order to have these products.

Claire Morrow
Finally the perfect size!

I have very wide, short nails and the Aprés 00 is the first full cover tip to fit my thumbs. I love the XS because they don’t look too long on me and need minimal filing.