French Manicure Ombre Global Set V2

French Manicure Ombre Global Set V2

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Travel across the globe and experience exotic colors all with a swipe of a brush!
The Apres French Ombre Series offers nine sets of five colors, perfectly shaded to create a beautiful ombre. Experience the dusky purple ombre of our Tokyo collection. Or try out the jungle green ombre of our Rio de Janeiro collection. But regardless of the city, each of our colors have been formulated from a richly pigmented, medium viscosity gel that offers flawless opacity in just two coats or less.
And as the perfect gel carry-on, each bottle of Apres French Ombre comes with our signature in-bottle Angled Brush-X. Made from densely packed PBT bristles and cut into a sharp angle, this brush is the perfect French tool. The sharp point can tuck into the high corners of the French while the angled body of the brush allows for easy sweeping around the curves of the smileline.
The Apres French Ombre Series takes you across the world, through eight different cities, nine different color stories, all without requiring a passport! Have destination nails wherever you are!

Box set includes all 45 bottles of the French Manicure Ombre collection.

Customer Reviews

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Wish the brush was more versatile

I love the colors, the viscosity but I'm not a fan of the brush, while yes it's helpful for French I wish the brush was more versatile.

Lauren Rosnack
Absolute goat

This product paid off in SO MANY ways. Obviously good for frenchies, the angled brush also helps with detailed application if you’re doing full coat polish. The polishes are also SO pigmented they’re perfect for nail art. Moves like liquid polish as opposed to liner gel to get those crisp stripe lines. I did a red spider web design with “Bollywood bindi” from the Mumbai collection on top of black polish and the design was 100% visible and even stood out. 100000/10 I’d buy every French collection they make

Tahjae Hendrix

I thought it was actually a suit case, Too much waste!

Jenny Parrales



Love it