French Manicure Gel Holland Ombre Set

French Manicure Gel Holland Ombre Set

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Breathe in a floral escape with our Holland ombre series! With this collection of beautiful pinks, let the soft petals of tulips fall across your nails.

The French Ombre series of five different shades allows you to create the perfect ombre French. Each of our colors have been formulated from a richly pigmented, medium viscosity gel that offers flawless opacity in just two coats or less. Every bottle also comes with our revolutionary in-bottle Angled Brush-X, which means the perfect tool is included with the perfect gel to easily draw the perfect smile line. Combinations and possibilities are limitless! This is French nails like you’ve never seen before.

Customer Reviews

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Els Bassant
French Manicure Holland Set

This is such a perfect set of pinks! The colours go super well together.

As a Dutchie I just had to get this set.

Mai Truong
Chips easily on natural nails

Used this collection for both my gel manicure clients and Apres Gel-x clients and noticed when used for a gel manicure they chip like crazy and so easily. Stayed well with the Apres Gel-X though. Is it not formulated for natural nails?

Alexa Mesek-Geiser
French manicure ombré sets!

I’ve bought almost all of these sets and they’re absolutely amazing!!! The angled brush is perfection, even when you’re not doing a French manicure. The colors are to die for, and almost every color only needs one coat!

Bianka Cibrian
Love it

Love the product the only thing I dislike is the packaging the velvet is lose and gets on the bottle. Make sure to wipe it off after removing it from the box.. aside from it the packaging is cute and th le product only needs at least to coats and it’s good.

Betty Ramirez
French Manicure Gel Holland Ombre Set

10/10, the tip on these bottle makes frenchies so much easier! Great for beginners & DIY.