French Manicure Gel - French White

French Manicure Gel - French White

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The perfect French has never been easier to achieve.

With our angled brush, you have the perfect tool already in the bottle to easily draw the perfect smile line. And with our French manicure series of five different shades, you also have the option of creating the perfect ombre French. Combinations and possibilities are limitless! This is French manicure like you’ve never seen before.

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Asma Alzadjali

French Manicure Gel - French White

White out vibes

This white doesn’t miss. The brush is excellent and while it’ll take so practice so I don’t have a lumpy tip, this brush makes it so much easier

Iana Puninskaia

French Manicure Gel-French White

Stephanie S.
Love It!!!!

I purchased and loved the Apres Neutrals in the shade “Alex”. I wore them several times with just a top coat and they are perfect for my skin tone. I decided to take it one step further and use them with the Apres French Manicure Gel in French White. I applied the neutrals with the extend gel in the bottle after prepping my nails. Once applied, I used the nail prep to etch the nail surface. Then I used French White manicure gel. The color is a nice, bright white that has not yellowed after two weeks. My nails came out pretty good for a self-taught rookie.

White af!

This white is by far the whitest i have ever tried!