Ombré Gel-X® Sculpted Coffin Long Tip Box of Tips - (210pcs)

Ombré Gel-X® Sculpted Coffin Long Tip Box of Tips - (210pcs)

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Classic design with a modern touch. 

Our Aprés Ombré Gel-X system is a new innovative method in creating the timeless classic of an ombré nail. Developed with our patented signature soft gel but infused with a white pigment, Ombré Gel-X Tips offers a beautiful gradient from clear to opaque white. This means our Ombré Gel-X Tip won’t chip or scratch! Paired with our sheer neutral Gel Couleurs, creating ombré nails has never been easier or more flawless.


Each box offers 210pcs and 14 sizes including our groundbreaking half-sizes.

Ombré Gel-X® Tips
Unlike competitor tips, Ombré Gel-X has its ombré effect INSIDE the Gel-X Tip. This creates a scratch-resistant, chip-resistant Ombré Gel-X Tip. And unlike competitors who paint or print on the effect, leaving visible dot marks, Ombré Gel-X offers a seamless natural gradient with its innovative design.
A New Way To Ombré
Faster than sponges, easier than brushes—achieve flawless ombré nails with Ombré Gel-X in half the time of traditional methods. With Ombré Gel-X, you will consistently create beautiful ombré nails without mess, worry, or extra tools!
Ombré Gel-X is offered in 4 different shapes: Almond, Coffin, Round, & Square
Ombré Gel-X also comes in a variety of lengths and in both Natural and Sculpted styles. And don’t worry, each Ombré shape has its own matching refill bag!
Ombré Gel-X is not only revolutionary in its design, it is also very versatile. It matches beautifully with any of our sheer Gel Couleurs. Mix and match to find your perfect combo!

Customer Reviews

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Liannet Machado
The most perfect tips

I love these so much. I’ve been waiting for so long for something like this to come on the market and it’s finally here. AND I AM IN LOVE!!! Ombré is my favorite and I haven’t don’t it years because I don’t want to use an airbrush. If you’re thinking about getting them, just do it!!!

Love everything

I really like them Overall i think ot definitely makes a classic white ombre easy! Hopefully there will be more colors