Beta LED Nail Lamp - Nude

Beta LED Nail Lamp - Nude

$ 99.99 USD
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Enjoy a premium salon quality lamp without the premium salon prices with our Beta LED Lamp. But don’t let the price fool you. Like its stronger sister lamp, Beta is also offered in an acetone resistant shell of black, white, or nude. It is also equipped with three different timer settings, a removable magnetic base, and a USB port.

So whether you’re a newbie nail enthusiast or a veteran nail tech, our Beta is sure to fit all budgets and all needs!


- Full coverage for 5 finger curing
- Preset timer with button-lock function of 10, 30, 60 sec with a gradual power upswing at 60 sec to reduce heat spikes
- 36 watts — powerful enough to cure most LED gels in 30 sec
- Acetone-resistant shell
- Additional USB port to power external devices
- Pedicure-friendly with magnetic removable base plate
- One year warranty

The Beta is not cordless/ rechargeable 

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

I have been using it since October 2023. The bottom plate easily shifts and detaches. You cannot clean the bottom plate with acetone because the coating will wipe off. And for the first time as a gel nail tech, I’ve been experiencing so much lifting and pocket lifting on my clients. This is fine for gel-x but if you use builder gel, the lamp is not strong enough to fully cure the gel. I’m disappointed and I’m spending so much time fixing my clients nails. And I very carefully and properly cleanse and prep my clients nails. The omega mini flash cure won’t even stay charged for one day even if it’s not being used. I’m realizing these Apres curing lights are poorly made.

Gelan Aziz

It’s very cute strong the gel dray so fast I love it
Guys you should try it and the color so pretty

Chrissy Cruz
Beta LED Nail Lamp - Nude

I love this lamp. It allows me to fully extend my fingers and not worry about them bumping into each other while curing. It is also very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Fully cures and has a sensor when I enter and remove my hand, which is immensely helpful.

Dena Wingfield
Best Dryer

Love it cures the nails so good

Juanita Lopez

Great product and excellent service's