White X-Lite

White X-Lite

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Compact but powerful. Stylish but functional.

The X-Lite is everything you need to cure a perfect Gel-X set. This LED light serves 6W of power to flash cure Gel-X tips or 3D charms with ease and comfort. The X-Lite is also rechargeable. Coming with a power cable, it can be fully recharged in just two hours. It also conserves energy by automatically powering off after five minutes of inactivity. The X-Lite is sure to become any nail artist’s most trusty best friend.  

Customer Reviews

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Gracie Good
Does its job

I agree with another comment that said that the legs get in the way when trying to flash cure your own nails. I got this as a freebie.

Impossible to use for gel x nails

Let me start by saying I personally get a lot of use out of this light, however it doesn't work for what it's intended for.
I think its really difficult to use a lamp that doesn't have three of the sides open to cure a gel x extension. I use this lamp to cure individual nails when doing intricate nail art and for that it's very useful. It's a useful little lamp but if you're looking to use it for gel x extensions or in place of a full sized nail lamp, I'd look elsewhere.

Priyanka Singh

Very bad nail.paints for that big name...i wasted my money on a big name...

Kania Nunez

White X-Lite

Paulina Cancel
Pretty useless in my opinion

I received this as a freebie, but I already had it in black from the gel X kit. I don’t use either of them because it is so hard to use while applying gel X, and not very strong either.