Extend Gel

Extend Gel

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This is the formula the Apres family was built on. Our signature Extend Gel is the linchpin to everything related to the Gel-X™ system. This revolutionary soft gel formula is used to help adhere our Gel-X™ extensions onto the natural nail. When applied correctly, our Extend Gel imparts both strength and flexibility while making it easy to create beautiful, long lasting nails that are also easy to soak off and remove. If you want to know what Apres is all about, try a bottle of Extend Gel and see what we’ve built our entire collection around.

Customer Reviews

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Brandi Rogers
Didn’t hold up

The extend gel in the pot doesn’t hold nearly as good as the gold bottle. I have nails that pop off after a day. I finally figured it out after a few MONTHS! So back to the bottle. A tech friend said that’s why she doesn’t use the potted gel, it doesn’t hold. I was going crazy trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I find it hard to believe it can be a different formula.

Worth it

The glue holds for multiple weeks with no lifting.

Same As bottle

When I bought this I was thinking a thicker consistency but when I got it it was the same as the bottle . Still works good

Victoria Kicha
Superior Hold

This gel adhesive makes sure your nails aren't going ANYWHERE when properly applied. While walking my dogs, something happened that made them both pull extremely hard on their leashes. Combined, my dogs weigh about 160lbs. Holding them back, my nails were put to the test. This adhesive works so well that if anything happened further, my entire natural nails would have ripped off. So while my fingers sure are sore -- my nails are still looking perfect and didn't lift or budge an inch. 10/10.

Trevica Tulloch

It holds very well … haven’t had any lift and it’s bed
2 weeks