Extend Gel Gold Bottle Edition

Extend Gel Gold Bottle Edition

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This is the formula the Apres family was built on.

Our signature Extend Gel is the foundation to everything related to the Gel-X™ system This revolutionary soft gel formula is used to help adhere our Gel-X™ extensions onto the natural nail. When applied correctly, our Extend Gel imparts both strength and flexibility while making it easy to create beautiful, long lasting nails that are also easy to soak off and remove. If you want to know what Apres is all about, try a bottle of Extend Gel and see what we’ve built our entire collection around.


What You Get:

  • 15mL or 30mL gold bottle of Extend Gel
  • Same formula you already love
  • Easy application/ applicator
  • Easy removal

Customer Reviews

Based on 323 reviews
Allegra Esteen
Favorite extend gel!

This product is amazing and is my go to for when I do a set of gel x nails. I’m so glad it comes in two sizes now!

Nohelit Juarez
The best extended gel!

I love this extended gel! I have been using it along with the Apres tips and I haven’t switched since!


i was expecting better results when i try to soak off the extend gel but it seems to require scraping off / filing off which can damage nails so i am a bit disappointed it doesnt all just dissolve in acetone.

briana zielinski
best gel!!!

this gel acts as the glue to apply and hold your gel x nails! it’s a pretty thick consistency with a beautiful brush on applicator that allows you to paint this directly onto your nails and the tips. the gel doesn’t burn as long as you do thin layers and are flash curing! all around a great system!


So easy to use