Base Coat X

Base Coat X

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The foundation to any natural nail manicure is a good base. Our Base Gelcoat X formula has a rubberized formula that creates a thicker gel that offers better grip. This is an ideal formula for those who seem to still experience lifting with our Base Gelcoat. Like all Apres gel products, Base Gelcoat X is made from a versatile soft gel formula that evens and smooths out the surface of the nail, creating an optimal surface for color application. It adheres to the nail, creating long lasting manicures, but is also easily soaked off.

Customer Reviews

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Must Buy

I love love love this base coat. I have very thin and weak nails, that ALWAYS CHIP!. This is a great product to help with this issue because it is thicker than normal base coats. An extra strength layer. It is so shiny when it cures.

Emily N
great for lazy people

(I am not a professional) If you're someone that is lazy like me, and has days where they'd like to have sickening nails, but don't want to do a whole lot of prep work, this is for you. My natural nails are ridged AF, and even though I'm a healthcare worker that also is an undergrad student, and though my hands go through hell daily, I still want my nails to look cute so that patients don't see Shrek nails coming at them. This stuff does work, keeps my gel looking fresh, and best of all, it stays on. Get this if you are a busy person that doesn't have any time or motivation to do a whole lot of prep work!

Great for thin and brittle nails…

This base coat is high in viscosity so it’s great for beginners. Holding the brush flat while applying helps fill in corrugations, giving the nail a nice smooth surface. I always apply this on my clients nails when applying a Gel X set. I also love this for clients who want gel polish and have thinning, flaky, or brittle nails. The durability of a gel mani with this is insane. Buy it.

Love this rubber base

My clients love how it protects their nails 2× stronger than a normal gel manicure. It has a nice plumbing effect without being too thick.

Wiselene Dorceus
No complaints

I’m not a professional, but apres nail products seem to be the best and provide the best results. No complaints.