Nail Buffer 180/100

Nail Buffer 180/100

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Our Apres Nail Buffers 100/180 are sturdy quality tools that will help prep natural nails or buff your Gel-X extensions. They are shaped to provide the best angles and the easiest hold. These nail buffers are the most fundamental tools necessary for any working nail artist. You can purchase either a single nail buffer or in packs of ten.

Customer Reviews

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Nail Buffer

I don't think this buffer is strong enough for gel-x nails. It is nice for lightly buffing the natural nails after a soak-off.

patricia oliveira
styrofoam material

i didn’t like the way it felt and worked… very squeaky and didn’t seem to buff the way i expected

Dwana Dowling
Might be in love

I got this in my crush package like three weeks ago and to say I’ve used her religiously is an understatement. Why do you think I’m about to buy like three more? it’s definitely worth it in my opinion, and so much easier to use than smaller ones.

Super gentil

Me gusta para preparar la uña natural porque deja la superficie matte pero no siento que desgaste las capas de la uña como otras alternativas de buffer del mercado. Para pulir, excelente. Comparada con otras marcas esta es demasiado gentil, pero me gusta mucho para la preparación de la uña natural.

Not durable

Quickly wears out and doesn’t have enough grit to get the job done. A lot of better options out there.