Apres Professional Apron

Apres Professional Apron

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Protect yourself from dust and debris while making a statement with our beautiful Aprés apron. Made from a lightweight nylon, our Aprés apron is easy to wear and easy to clean with its slick surface allowing for dust to slide right off. Made in a versatile black with stylish but functional gold trim, the Aprés apron offers the unique option to unzip the apron, creating a half apron. The Aprés apron was designed to suit any nail artists!


- Lightweight black nylon fabric

- Functional pockets large enough to fit most e-files

- Functional zipper that creates a half apron


Length: 39.5 inches
Chest Width: 14 inches
Top Width: 16.75 inches
Bottom Waist Width 28.75 inches

Customer Reviews

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Diana Jurado
Love the Apres Apron

I really enjoy how it’s dust proof and all the pockets it has come in handy.

Jenifer Liebl
Super cute with a few flaws

I wanted to love this apron. It's super cute and professional looking. That being said there are a few flaws unfortunately. The first is the neck strap. It does not stay on place often loosening itself up allowing dust in. The second is the zipper. The emblem falls off really easily and it starts to unzip itself. Lastly, if you are a chesty gal like myself, it often slides from one side to the other since it can't cover both breasts well. I own a high end salon and would love to provide all of my staff with these if they would just make a few minor adjustments.

Gorgeous detail

Versatile and gorgeous!

My go-to apron ✨

I’ve ordered this apron twice! My first one lasted 10 months without zippers breaking off or stitching ripping apart — in my opinion pretty good for how much I wore it and washed it! It DOES stain if you get gel polish on it so try and be careful :) I still wore mine after I accidentally got gel on it and it was still a slay 💅

Sebastian Nguyen
Not the best

The material made weird sounds when walking. And when using as apron it tend to sag. Often untie itself. Not the best material imo.