Gel-X® Prep 15ml

Gel-X® Prep 15ml

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We’ve made the easiest nail extension system even easier!
With Gel-X Prep, you can ensure maximum adhesion and strength without the trouble of etching the inside of the tip. No more dust, no more extra time! With a good scrub of our non-acid Gel-X Prep, the inside of the Gel-X tip will be properly chemically etched and ready for Extend Gel application. Gel-X Prep also works to prep the surface of the Gel-X tip after tip application, buffing and texturizing the surface to create the perfect base for color application. We’re not kidding around when we named this one Gel-X Prep! With one product, get ready to be able to perfectly prep the tip for Extend Gel AND perfectly prep the tip for color. Never has one bottle made life and Gel-X so much easier!

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Marez

Gel-X® Prep 15ml

Joice Alves

Gel-X® Prep 15ml

April Roberts
Blown away!

I purchased the extra short tips for gelx as well as all the prep, glue and builder gel! I’m a beginner nail technician and this is the best system I’ve tried and I’ve tried several! I’m allergic to the gel glue but now I can buy sensitive from Apres and be able to do my own nails again! All my clients have had success with these lasting up to 5 weeks without pop off! Im so happy I found Apres! I am a customer for life!

Angie C
Get this!

This helps minimize prep time! And I feel like it helps my nails last longer as opposed to when I have etched them with my nail drill. If you haven’t already…. Please run and get it! You won’t regret it!

Christy Johnson

Gel-X® Prep 15ml