Non-Wipe Matte Top Gelcoat

Non-Wipe Matte Top Gelcoat

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There’s nothing more velvety soft and smooth than our Apres Non-Wipe Matte Top Gelcoat. Perfectly formulated to go on smoothly without leaving a milky or yellow film, our Non-Wipe Matte Top Gelcoat is the perfect finishing touch for any nail design. It can also create the perfect matte canvas for our Apres Artisté ArtInk colors. Versatile while still being reliable, our Non-Wipe Matte Top Gelcoat can’t be beat.


Customer Reviews

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Matte Top Coat

I like this top coat, but I have experienced peeling at the tips of my nails. I'll have to be more careful about capping the free edge

Gladys Ponce
Lovely Finish

This is the first Matte Top Coat that I buy that works so seamlessly. It left my nails so pretty and velvettty looking. Ive had this set on for a week and the matte finish is still going strong. I am officially a matte girl now.

Best long lasting matte

This is the perfect matte polish because you cannot tell it’s a top coat, it truly just looks like a velvety matte polish and it does give your nail a soft velvet-like feel. Just cap your nail and the top coat doesn’t chip or peel off for 2 weeks. I am nail enthusiast, I learn as a I go so I try as many brands as I can get my hands on and after over 15 kinds, Apres matte no wipe top coat is the one I am sticking with

Looks nice, but does not hold up

Every time I've used the matte top coat I get chipping on the free edge. This does not happen when I use the regular shiny one from Apres.

This Matte top coat will also cause fully cured Apres gel colors to smudge when applied over. I will not be purchasing this matte top coat again.

Otesha Gilead
Perfect Matt Topcoat

I love this topcoat for its soft velvet finishing!! don't have to worry about streaks leaving behind, cloudy, chipping or yellowing etc.