Omega Mini Flash Cure Light

Omega Mini Flash Cure Light

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Stylish, functional, and easy to use. While sleek and slim in design, our Omega Flash Cure Light is as powerful as it is stylish. With a charge hold of four hours, flash cure Gel-X tips, charms, and nail art with ease and confidence. And with a magnetic base, it can easily attach onto both the Alpha 2-in-1 LED lamp or to the Apres magnetic light stands, allowing for easy self-curing. Our Omega Flash Cure Light is sure to become a staple for any nail station.


Limited Quantity Available


Omega Mini Flash Cute light only compatible with provided magnetic USB charger or can be charged on Alpha 2-in-1 lamp. Does not charge on any older versions. Improper usage, charging, and/or storage may result in permanent damage to unit. 

Customer Reviews

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Oh Wow

I am really upset about this light. I have one that came with the alpha lamp and when i say this WILL NOT HOLD A CHARGE to the point that I called Apres customer service, and was told to let it charge for 4 hours.
perfect, did it. I was able to do ONE HAND before it died. The fact that the Alpha has to be plugged in and turned on (ie not cordless) for this to charge is a huge design flaw. The omega (when purchased with the alpha) does not come with the additional USB charger, meaning I have to have the entire alpha out and charging so that the omega will charge.

I've let the Omega charge multiple times for the 4 hours+ and when I go to use it 2-3 weeks later for my next set (personal use purchase) its once again dead even though the device has been off, and not being used. I paid over $300 dollars for the Alpha light BECAUSE I was so taken with the Omega and its magnet & the seeming ease of use. Really disappointed in the Omega, and I wanted to love it.

mily Rojas
Don’t work

I have for one year only the mini lamp don’t charger anymore :(

Abigail Garcia

10/10 best thing ever!

ĀJoi Nails LLC
Absolutely love my purchase!!!

It’s was everything that I needed. Arrived in a timely manner. Absolutely Love Aprés!!!

white omega

easy to use, love the white color