Presto x Aprés ALL-IN-ONE Extend Gel

Presto x Aprés ALL-IN-ONE Extend Gel

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In collaboration with Presto, we have further simplified our already easy and quick application process with the Presto x Apres All-in-One Extend Gel. As the name implies, this bottle is all you need. No pH Bonder, no Non-Acidic primer needed! Everything is all included in this one bottle. Just use it as you would normal Extend Gel to create long lasting and beautiful Gel X extensions.


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    Not a time saver as it suggests

    I purchased this product because it said 3 in one. So I thought I was eliminating steps. Because it requires you put a thin layer on the nail cute for 20 sec and then fill the Aprés tip and put the tip on then cure again it’s the same steps as if you were just using a base coat. I found this product to be more rigid than the neutral extend gels. I think more flexibility is good so I think it will not purchase again


    I absolutely love this new product. I was skeptical, however I got 6 weeks of retention with zero lifting! Definitely changed my mind! I will definitely be buying again.

    Deborah Novick

    This gel is it, please don't ever stop making this product! I've had moderate success with the regular soft gel, but I'll never go back. This is the best holding, easiest to use gel. It's thicker, but I work slow and carefully (draw the brush out in small circular motion), it's actually easier to control once you learn how to use it. LOVE this product!

    Claire Morrow
    Favourite extend gel

    My tips last 3-5 weeks easily when I use this! It’s wonderful

    Michelle Lee
    Extend gel

    Works great nice seal