Ombré Gel-X® Nail Extension Kit

Ombré Gel-X® Nail Extension Kit

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Ombré Box of Tips of Your Choice
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Ombré Gel-X® Natural Almond Short Tip Box of Tips - (210pcs)
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Classic design with a modern touch. 
Our Aprés Ombré Gel-X system is a new innovative method in creating the timeless classic of an ombré nail. Developed with our patented signature soft gel and infused with a white pigment, Ombré Gel-X offers a beautiful gradient from clear to opaque white. This means our Ombré Gel-X Tip won’t chip or scratch! Paired with our sheer neutral Gel Couleurs, creating ombré nails has never been easier or more flawless. Our Ombré Gel-X Kit has everything necessary to completely revolutionize your ombré service.
Each Ombré Gel-X Tip box offers 210pcs and 14 sizes including our groundbreaking half-sizes.
In the kit:
  • 15ml pH Bonder
  • 15ml Acid Free Gel Primer
  • 15ml Gel-X Prep
  • 15ml Extend Gel
  • 15ml Gel Couleur - Vintage Carnation
  • 100/180 nail file
  • Mini buffer
  • Omni Light
  • White vegan patent leather case

 Sold Separately:

  • Box of Ombré Gel-X Tip of your choice (Priced separately)
Ombré Gel-X® Kit
Our Ombré Gel-X Kit offers everything you need to ombré a new way!
A New Way To Ombré
Faster than sponges, easier than brushes—achieve flawless ombré nails with Ombré Gel-X in half the time of traditional methods. With Ombré Gel-X, you will consistently create beautiful ombré nails without mess, worry, or extra tools!
Flash and self-cure with ease with our versatile Omni Light. Use either as a handheld light or a hands-free light to make curing a breeze.
Vintage Carnation comes with Brush-X, a high-quality brush that allows for easy feathering of color. Ombré Gel-X can be used with any sheer Gel Couleur and each Gel Couleur comes with our trademark Brush-X.
Offered in 11 different styles with four different shapes, Ombré Gel-X is a completely new way to ombré!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Morgan Petty
First product from Aprés 😍

Just bought my first product from here (: Excited to see how beautiful it is! My only concern now that I’m just catching is the kit showing it comes with everything needed, but it’s not coming with the top gel coat they’re telling us to apply?? As much as it is and regardless of throwing the sheer colour in with it I do feel we should have still gotten the top coat with this… hopefully my own will do because I don’t want to wait to use it since I didn’t order it together. Be back to let you know my thoughts 😍

Awful Light

The kit is nice itself. Love everything minus the light. To charge $30 separately for the light itself is a joke. It’s cheap plastic and does not have a touch sensor. Honestly wish I could get a refund just for that. What a letdown Aprés. I expected so much better quality. 😢

Stephanie S.

I have and absolutely love the Whitney tips. At first glance I thought these were the same thing. After looking at comparison reviews, I saw they were different. I was ready to purchase some medium length nails, so I decided to try the Ombre tips.

I purchased the Ombre Extension Kit. It was a bit pricey, but for all the products included, it was worth it; especially knowing that all the products will be used.

The kit came with the Carnation Sheer Color gel and I selected the Ombre Nails in the Coffin shape.

As usual, the application was quick and my nails secure. I applied the Carnation Gel color and used the Heavenly Guardian topcoat to complete the look.

The picture shows the nails after two full weeks of wear. The nails are still securely intact (thanks to the Extend Gel) and there has been no chipping or peeling. I ordered additional Ombre tips in other shapes.

Morgan Petty

Update!! I have had these nails on from this kit going on 3 weeks! Being a COMPLETE newbie to this brand, I will say it’s worth every penny! It’s super easy to use and learn and that’s coming from a beginner (: The colors are beautiful and the shape is gorgeous! Aprés nails are my new go to for life ❤️❤️

Morgan Petty
New member 😍

Just made my order yesterday and super stoked! Can’t wait to receive my kit 😍 I’ll be back to update on how it went! Seems these are the nails to go for ❤️ Thank you Aprés!