Heavenly Top Gelcoat - Cherub

Heavenly Top Gelcoat - Cherub

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Get a taste of heaven on earth with our Heavenly Top Gelcoat.


This non-wipe topcoat is packed with refined shimmer particles that creates a heavenly sparkling finish for any nail look. Available in five different shades, the Heavenly Top Gelcoat is the perfect finishing topcoat for an elaborate nail design or a simple one color.

Simply apply a layer of Heavenly Top Gelcoat over the nail and cure for 60s in an LED lamp. Apply a second layer if desired. Then hear the angels sing over how absolutely gorgeous your nails will look!


Try one or try all five! Heavenly Top Gelcoat is available individually or sold as a set.

Customer Reviews

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It is so beautiful. Leaves an ethereal finish. I used it to top off my Ombre nails. It was fast and easy to use. No need to use messy chrome powder and no need to rop coat. It is perfect.

absolutely gorgeous!

i wanted to give it 5 stars but it wasn't no-wipe when i used it. didn't even act like a top coat, i had to apply the regular top coat on top of it.

not saying it won't work for everyone, and maybe i got a bad bottle, but that was my experience. still, it's gorgeous and worth it!

Abigail Jean
Peachy Turquoise

Peachy orange-turquoise glittery color shift. Kind of the opposite effect of Angelic. Great way to add a little flair to a nail design.