Top Gelcoat X

Top Gelcoat X

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You spoke, we listened. After much demand, we’ve created a scratch resistant version of our famous Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat. With a slightly rubberized formula that creates a barrier that allows the nail to rebound from any scratches, the Top Gelcoat X also offer similar level of high shine and durability as our original Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat. This is a top coat that truly does it all!

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Cecilia Cruz
As advertised!!! But if you’re trying to use it over the soft gel builder, it doesn’t work.

This is a great topcoat. Definitely high shine and scratch resistant as advertised.

However: lately (out of laziness) I’ve been doing a lot of clear gel manicures without color, and found that if I apply this topcoat over the new Aprés soft gel builder, especially if I don’t first wipe after curing the builder, the topcoat doesn’t go on smoothly/separates a bit. I’ve been working around this by just buffing the surface where the bubbles happen and applying a second topcoat over it. Then it’s fine!

Also noticed this glows white under UV, which means in the sun it have a slight lavender hue. Doesn’t bother me but something to note.

top gelcoat x

I previously rated this 3 stars but I've found a better way to use the topcoat. What works for me is wiping down the nails with alcohol before applying the top coat (even this brand's gel polishes). If you wipe them down first, you won't get the same separation issues.

Top Gel Coat X

This top coat is shiny and makes my nails feel strong but the pitting/separation issues within the top coat are annoying to deal with. I pretty much exclusively use Apres products, but I'm looking for a better top coat that hopefully doesn't have these separation issues.

Works well

Doesn’t hold shine as long as the non-wipe glossy top gelcoat but a little thicker so I love it!

the best

this is my favorite top coat!