Aer Gel Maintenance Kit

Aer Gel Maintenance Kit

$ 35.99 USD
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To maintain the longevity and health of your Aer Gel Airbrush, regular cleanings and maintenance are a must. This Aer Gel Maintenance kit includes all the tools necessary to properly care for your Aer Gel Airbrush.



  • 4 spiral brushes in varying sizes
  • 2 cleaning tools
  • Bubble back cap
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • 6 rubber seal replacements
  • Aer Gel Cleaning Cap 

Customer Reviews

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barbara matorcevic
In love with your brand

I love the pigments of your color there's spot on to the color of the bottle you're product is easy to work with. By far, the best brand I've worked with. I love you guys.

Rebecca Saraceno
A must have!!

I’ve been a Nail Tech since 2018 and told myself I’d probably never purchase another airbrush kit because of the bad luck I’ve had with a competitor airbrush. There were too many issues with clogging, which took up more time and eventually led me to doing a “Plan B” with my clients which is so embarrassing. So purchasing another airbrush kit was something I really had to think about. I did my research on this airbrush and saw the positive reviews so my gut said to give it one more try and I’m so happy I did!! This airbrush kit saves a TON of time, especially if you’re planning on doing Ombré on your clients nails. My clients are so much happier with the ombré results using this airbrush kit vs. trying to ombré with a sponge or blending because of the time! It’s super quick! Plus the paints are gel paints and once cured and added with a top coat, the results look absolutely gorgeous. I’m very happy about buying an airbrush kit and and would recommend to anyone who’s wanting to do baby doll pink/white ombré or any other kind of ombréd nails, this kit is worth the investment for sure!!!

Janina Galvez
Restock PLEASE!!!

Hi, I order the AER airbrush set a while back and this cleaning set was out of stock. I really need the blow back cap. This is getting really ridiculous, can you please restock this important item that you need to have for the AER Machine. Thanks

Melissa Avila
Back in stock?

I check every day if this item is back in stock, unfortunately is not. Neither this or other stuff I’ve been wanting to order. Please tell me you’re having everything back in stock pretty soon.

Genesis A

Love this kit