Presto x Aprés ALL-IN-ONE Extend Gel Jar - 24g

Presto x Aprés ALL-IN-ONE Extend Gel Jar - 24g

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In collaboration with Presto, we have simplified our already quick and easy application process with the Presto x Aprés All-in-One Extend Gel, now available in the jar. The perfect replacement for Extend Gel, but with no additional prep to create long-lasting and beautiful Gel-X extensions. As the name implies, this jar is all you need.

How To Use:
Apply a thin layer of All-in-One Extend Gel onto the entire nail bed after prep.
Cure for 20 seconds. Pick up enough gel to fill about 1/3 of the nail bed and place it at the bottom of the Gel-X nail tip. Starting from the bottom of the nail to the tip, carefully press the Gel-X tip onto the nail bed. Use the LED flashlight to cure for 5 seconds. After a set of 5 fingers is completed, cure the entire hand in the LED light for 20 seconds or 2 min in a UV light.

    Customer Reviews

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    Best Product

    I have the most success with this product. My nails have always lifted using the original lineup, but this! I get the most wear, and longest hold using this product! None of the gel x tips pop off, once adhered they are going nowhere!

    Quoc Tran

    Durable of the product is not that great. It does not hold up against the Gold Edition Extend Gel, which last so much longer and is more sturdy.

    Awesome 😎

    I really like this a lot. Still trying to figure out the presto top gel however it doesn’t seem to cure like the other gel.