Neutrals Gel-X® Margot Natural Round Short Box of Tips - 11 Sizes (150pcs)

Neutrals Gel-X® Margot Natural Round Short Box of Tips - 11 Sizes (150pcs)

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Our newest Neutrals Gel-X collection is now available in our best selling shape, Almond XS-M and Coffin XS with five new shades to choose from.

Aprés Neutrals Gel-X mimics the natural color of the nail bed, extending it and creating a simple but flawlessly natural look. Whether worn alone for a simple, effortless look or used as a base for nail art, Aprés Neutrals Gel-X Tips are sure to make any set of nails look like your nails but better!
One box includes 150pcs of Gel-X Tips in 11 sizes, including 00. All of our Aprés Neutral Gel-X Tips are carefully molded from our patented soft gel formula and infused with pigmented gel, to provide the most comfortable and lightweight nail enhancements on the market.
Our Natural line has a flatter surface with a less pronounced C curve meant for clients with a flatter, wider nail bed.
Our Sculpted line has a higher apex and a deeper C curve, meant for either clients with a curved nail bed or a Natural client who prefers the look of a Sculpted Gel-X Tip.
And remember! These Gel-X Tips have pigment infused into the gel so they do require a longer cure—30 sec for a flash cure and 60 sec for a full cure.
Creating your best set of nails means staying true to yourself. That’s why we created the Neutrals Gel-X collection— so you can be Naturally You.
To be worn alone or as a base for nail art, giving a flawlessly natural look.
Neutrals Gel-X Tips partner perfectly with our Extend Gel Novice and Heavenly Top Gelcoat to create an effortless, polished look like a pro.
Available in 150-piece box.
11 sizes in Natural or Sculpted for the perfect fit.

Customer Reviews

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Pretty good overall.

I love the shade, it’s a nice pink that’s similar to the Chaun Legend ones (which are my favorite tone) but a tiny tiny bit deeper/warmer but a nice shade overall I’d say they’re 97% similar. I love the range in shapes, definitely would love to see more in the sculpted range.

My BIGGEST issue with these and a lot of the Aprés full cover tips is that the size 00 is not consistent. With this shape the 00 is too small for me however I have clients that have wider thumbs than me. The Aprés range hasn’t been consistent enough for me lately/has been missing the mark when it comes to sizing

Another issue I have is fills. I think it would be ideal to offer the extend gels in matching colors so that fills are simple/easier rather than trying to find a match with my existing cover pinks.

Lastly, the lack of refill bags is steering me away from buying again. Most people need 3-5 different sizes for a set, I definitely see myself running out quickly since they are smaller boxes so that being said this is leaning more for personal use but even then the 00 is just too small for me anyway