Omega Mini Flash Cure Light

Omega Mini Flash Cure Light

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Stylish, functional, and easy to use. While sleek and slim in design, our Omega Flash Cure Light is as powerful as it is stylish. With a charge hold of four hours, flash cure Gel-X tips, charms, and nail art with ease and confidence. And with a magnetic base, it can easily attach onto both the Alpha 2-in-1 LED lamp or to the Apres magnetic light stands, allowing for easy self-curing. Our Omega Flash Cure Light is sure to become a staple for any nail station.


Limited Quantity Available


Omega Mini Flash Cute light only compatible with provided magnetic USB charger or can be charged on Alpha 2-in-1 lamp. Does not charge on any older versions. Improper usage, charging, and/or storage may result in permanent damage to unit. 

Customer Reviews

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Oh Wow

I am really upset about this light. I have one that came with the alpha lamp and when i say this WILL NOT HOLD A CHARGE to the point that I called Apres customer service, and was told to let it charge for 4 hours.
perfect, did it. I was able to do ONE HAND before it died. The fact that the Alpha has to be plugged in and turned on (ie not cordless) for this to charge is a huge design flaw. The omega (when purchased with the alpha) does not come with the additional USB charger, meaning I have to have the entire alpha out and charging so that the omega will charge.

I've let the Omega charge multiple times for the 4 hours+ and when I go to use it 2-3 weeks later for my next set (personal use purchase) its once again dead even though the device has been off, and not being used. I paid over $300 dollars for the Alpha light BECAUSE I was so taken with the Omega and its magnet & the seeming ease of use. Really disappointed in the Omega, and I wanted to love it.

white omega

easy to use, love the white color

Michelle Sullivan
Little light loud lasting

Works awesome and lasts longer then without it for applications!

Low Battery life

I love how convenient this hand held light is. But the battery life of this light is terrible. It drains even though it's not even being used. The magnetic stand could be better, much stronger to be more specific. It doesn't really hold the light.

Battery life is not good

Battery life is very short and have to rescharge after every client .