Omega Mini Flash Cure Light

Omega Mini Flash Cure Light

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Stylish, functional, and easy to use. While sleek and slim in design, our Omega Flash Cure Light is as powerful as it is stylish. With a charge hold of four hours, flash cure Gel-X tips, charms, and nail art with ease and confidence. And with a magnetic base, it can easily attach onto both the Alpha 2-in-1 LED lamp or to the Apres magnetic light stands, allowing for easy self-curing. Our Omega Flash Cure Light is sure to become a staple for any nail station.


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Omega Mini Flash Cute light only compatible with provided magnetic USB charger or can be charged on Alpha 2-in-1 lamp. Does not charge on any older versions. Improper usage, charging, and/or storage may result in permanent damage to unit. 

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Vu
Wish I Bought This Sooner!

This mini flash cure light is a game changer for me. I only do my own nails at home but have using Apres products with a goose neck lamp that I bought off Amazon. Really wish I had purchased this mini flash cure light sooner, as I think the wattage is lower, so it gives me more time to place the gel-x on correctly. My other light pretty much cures it in place right away and sometimes I get heat spikes. 4 stars because I thought it would hold a charge, but doesn't. You'll have to charge this before each use, as once fully charged, it will drain the battery/juice in a few days max. Purchase the taller magnetic stand to go with it!

Like others said it doesn't work

Doesn't charge properly and doesn't hold a charge. I ended up misplacing the charger and they try to charge $17.98 for the cable alone which is a joke. So thanks to lack of quality and terrible customer service I can't recommend this brand.

Sherry Stout
Love it!

This little gem is a lifesaver when doing your own nails! To be able to secure your nail, then cure in the lamp! Love it,

Doesn’t hold a charge

I bought this because I figured it would be the right wattage/strength that the gel needed to cure. It works when it charges. It stays charged enough for one set. I wish I had never bought it .

Haley McIntosh

I really tried to like this. I REALLY wanted to. I chose this flash cure light because I trusted the quality of the brand but after months of use (suffering), I'm SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED.

Is it heavy duty? yes. Does it do the job? yes. Does it hold a charge? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I can have this charging overnight but god forbid it doesn't perfectly align with the charger cord, forget you even tried. The life of this thing even without use is like 3 hours tops. Flash curing my designs or tips is a dire part of my service and this has been a major detriment to my workflow.

Maybe I'd like this better if I had the million dollar UV lamp it fits in to, but I have a feeling that's not the case. While it is cool that it magnetizes into the charging base or to the dinky little stand that's supposed to be hands free for application, I have to PERFECTLY jiggle the cord around to see the charging light turn on and pray that when I'm applying the tips that I don't breathe on the stand funny for the light to fall off.

TLDR; Don't waste your money on this, please. Buy anything else similar to it. You do not deserve the headache this is to work with.