Ombré Gel-X® Natural Coffin Medium Tip Box of Tips - (210pcs)

Ombré Gel-X® Natural Coffin Medium Tip Box of Tips - (210pcs)

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Classic design with a modern touch.  

Our Aprés Ombré Gel-X system is a new innovative method in creating the timeless classic of an ombré nail. Developed with our patented signature soft gel but infused with a white pigment, Ombré Gel-X Tips offers a beautiful gradient from clear to opaque white. This means our Ombré Gel-X Tip won’t chip or scratch! Paired with our sheer neutral Gel Couleurs, creating ombré nails has never been easier or more flawless.


Each box offers 210pcs and 14 sizes including our groundbreaking half-sizes.

Ombré Gel-X® Tips
Unlike competitor tips, Ombré Gel-X has its ombré effect INSIDE the Gel-X Tip. This creates a scratch-resistant, chip-resistant Ombré Gel-X Tip. And unlike competitors who paint or print on the effect, leaving visible dot marks, Ombré Gel-X offers a seamless natural gradient with its innovative design.
A New Way To Ombré
Faster than sponges, easier than brushes—achieve flawless ombré nails with Ombré Gel-X in half the time of traditional methods. With Ombré Gel-X, you will consistently create beautiful ombré nails without mess, worry, or extra tools!
Ombré Gel-X is offered in 4 different shapes: Almond, Coffin, Round, & Square
Ombré Gel-X also comes in a variety of lengths and in both Natural and Sculpted styles. And don’t worry, each Ombré shape has its own matching refill bag!
Ombré Gel-X is not only revolutionary in its design, it is also very versatile. It matches beautifully with any of our sheer Gel Couleurs. Mix and match to find your perfect combo!

Customer Reviews

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Ombres are a STRUGGLE for me, and this was insanely easy. Love.

Stephanie S.
Amazing time saver - beautiful results

I have and absolutely love the Whitney tips. At first glance I thought these were the same thing. After looking at comparison reviews, I saw they were different. I was ready to start wearing medium length nails and decided to try the Ombre Nails in Medium Coffin.

As usual, the application was quick and my nails secure. I applied the Carnation Gel color and used the Heavenly Guardian topcoat to complete the look.

The picture shows the nails after two full weeks of wear. The nails are still securely intact (thanks to the Extend Gel) and there has been no chipping or peeling. I ordered additional Ombre tips in other shapes.


I am obsessed with this collection!

Disappointed but willing to try again…

First off PLEASE make more sculpted options. This application took me twice as long as normal because I went with natural instead of sculpted. A lot of difficulties for me getting the fit and yes, I made the choice to do natural which is unusual for me but we need some medium length coffins/stilettos, something! One star deducted for limited selections on sculpted.

In terms of the ombré series itself, I found these more difficult to apply than clear nails. You can’t see the gel as well towards the top, which is ok if you have experience in the right amount to use (using natural did not help me here). Flash curing was very slow with these compared to clear, so I had to re-flash several times or for extended periods. This makes me concerned about allergies and getting a full cure in general. Painting the ombré design was a breeze though, I’ll give them that.

I bought these thinking it would be lovely to have a set of a quick classic nail on hand. I ended up taking twice as long as a full nail art set and a background anxiety about allergies.

I would give these another shot if they came out with sculpted options I wanted to buy.

Looooove these

These tips are the IT GIRL so easy to ombré