Color Extend Gel Set - Jar

Color Extend Gel Set - Jar

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Bold, sweet, wild, serious, elegant and fun!

That’s our girls—Carla, Yesica, Roxie, Insatiable, Sasha, and Ariel. 
Our new signature color extend gel collection includes a perfect shade for any skin tone and any attitude. Completely formulated from the ground up to create not just the perfect color but the perfect consistency, our new color extend gels can not only be used with our Apres extensions but also as a soft gel overlay. This collection is a must have for any Gel-X™ nail tech professional!

What You Get:

  • 15mL Jar of each Color Extend Gel
  • Same formula you already love
  • Easy application/ applicator
  • Easy removal

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Color Extend Gel Set: Vibrant Hues, Jar Convenience, and Tips for Perfect Nails

I adore the Color Extend Gel Set's vibrant shades! Adding more skin tone nudes would be fantastic for variety. Using them as a base for nail art is my go-to, and the jar application is a game-changer, offering control and minimizing mess. An application brush for precision would be a great addition. Watch out for gel oozing when closing the lid, but storing it upright helps. The soft base color requires a hard candy top coat; however, steer clear of Aprés top coats for a smoother finish – they tend to pit.

Ardena Speight

The best brush in the industry. Makes for a great application. Love it.

Jessica Valentin
Bellos colores

quedan con tonos muy naturales!

Jazmine Wellington
Extend gel jar

Absolutely love to put this over my nails for a little extra strength after a long set. Very easy to apply and does not run all over the place

Julissa Santos

Color Extend Gel Set - Jar