Beta LED Nail Lamp - Black

Beta LED Nail Lamp - Black

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Enjoy a premium salon quality lamp without the premium salon prices with our Beta LED Lamp. But don’t let the price fool you. Like its stronger sister lamp, Beta is also offered in an acetone resistant shell of black, white, or nude. It is also equipped with three different timer settings, a removable magnetic base, and a USB port.

So whether you’re a newbie nail enthusiast or a veteran nail tech, our Beta is sure to fit all budgets and all needs!


- Full coverage for 5 finger curing
- Preset timer with button-lock function of 10, 30, 60 sec with a gradual power upswing at 60 sec to reduce heat spikes
- 36 watts — powerful enough to cure most LED gels in 30 sec
- Acetone-resistant shell
- Additional USB port to power external devices
- Pedicure-friendly with magnetic removable base plate
- One year warranty

The Beta is not cordless/ rechargeable 

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sandra Berube
Very pleased!

After trying cheaper DIY gel nails for a while being not very satisfied, they would still chip very quickly (Sally Hensen orange one), I got my bery first gel x mani in a salon. I was very attentive about the technician’s tools and procedure, she was using Après’s product herself. I was instantly hooked on the gel x durability and looks (I work in a metal shop and I use my hands a LOT) but not keen on spending 120/150$ a pop to have nice nails. After some research, I decided to go with the Apres products (decided to go for the bigger lamp over the starter kit, added the mini lamp to do the first flash cure, I place it on a magnetic stand with a gooseneck for easy positioning to do it myself). I also got an e file. I have done only one so far but I am very pleased with the result. My friends could not believe I had done them myself. I have no doubt that on my 2nd or 3rd attempt it will be exactly just as perfect as in a salon, once I get better at putting just the right amount of extend gel. Highly recommend!

First time user

Love it!

Grace Francisco
Super happy & so are my clients

This lamp is beautiful, clean & works amazing. My clients love how much space there is. My other lamps cause frequent heat spikes and this one does not! So far really loving it.

Lilliana Castillo
Good lamp

I love the fact that is so chic and sophisticated looking, but it is also amazing working power, love that I have the 10sec setting so that gel doesn't burn.

KaSundra Anderson
Its cool

It's small. It's alright. Hard/tight for people with big hands and longer finger