Apres Trio Starter Set

Apres Trio Starter Set

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Say hello to our charmed trio—everything you need to flawlessly and easily apply and secure charms, crystals, and any other embellishment!

Diamond Gel - our thickest viscosity gel, Diamond Gel easily secures 3D charms, large crystals, or other big embellishments.

Ionic Gel - our Ionic Gel is a gel of many talents. From encapsulating flat nail elements like foils or flat back crystals to overlaying natural nails for added strength and shape, our Ionic Gel can do it all.

Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat - Our Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat has a formula that truly cannot be beat. Providing a smooth, high shine gloss and durable strength, it is one of the industry leaders for top coats.

Customer Reviews

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Hella Poehailos
The best product!!!

I would encourage anyone who's on the fence about purchasing these nails to go ahead and do it. They are absolutely stunning to use, easy to apply, and just as easy to remove. Highly recommend these nails, the nail polish, as well as any of the tools that I've purchased so far. These are the best.

Sore Trio Starter Set

Haven’t used it yet, but excited to use it & will report back when I do.

Chelsea James
Sturdy yet flexible

I am not easy on my nails. I have been a tech for years and use my nails as tools and I'm going to have to say they are lasting way better than anticipated and I may not go back to sculpting on myself as these tips save so ooo much time with having young ones at home. This video is after 2 weeks( my nails grow dirt slow) and cutting down trees and laying concrete. Sill on and in one pice.

Glenda Mitchell
Phenomenal mail Products

I have been using the Apres’ mail system for a year as a non-professional. The product is professional grade And easy to use. May nails look just as good as when I was having them done by a nail tech. Apres’ offers so many different colors, and brushes to do great nail art. Love, love, love my nails. Apres’ made it more cost effective for me to do my nails at home.

Philippa R.

Very satisfied with my purchase.