Soft Gel Builder in a Bottle

Soft Gel Builder in a Bottle

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Gel-X™ + Fills = Game Changer
Made from a formula that has the same durable yet flexible properties as our Gel-X™ tips, our Soft Gel Builder gives you the freedom to extend the life of your Gel-X™ sets with fills. And with its incredible self-leveling properties, it’s easy to achieve that perfectly smooth surface finish. Soft Gel Builder can also be used as a natural nail overlay to impart strength and durability over natural nail manicures. And as with all of our soft gel products, our Soft Gel Builder can easily be soaked off with acetone.

Customer Reviews

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Yorgelys Flores

Probably the easiest builder gel to use! Plus the brush is perfect

So handy!

This product is great. I use it as a base coat under gel colour to improve adhesion and longevity. It is also fabulous at its intended job of filling gaps around GelX extensions. It looks really thick and gloompy when you first open the bottle, but once on the nail it is really easy to work with.

Ann Leonard

This product is very easy to use and lasts as long as you need it to with proper prep. I used to pay a nail tech to apply this product for me but I was able to learn how to do it myself and I am loving the results! I use it over my natural nails and they are very long now with no damage. I bought the step 1 and 2 to prep and it gets the job done. The star set is around three weeks old and was my first attempt. hello kitty set is my second attempt done yesterday.


Sometimes I'll have an air pocket near the cuticles so I'll file it off and use the builder gel to rebuild the missing nail. Definitely a time saver as well when you don't want to do a new set.


I bought this because I was tired of (1) having to pay so much for getting my nails done. No shade, but it’s a luxury I can’t afford lol. And (2) I never am fully satisfied with my nails when I get out of the chair, unfortunately not to many veteran artist near me. So I figured I would try to do it myself. This product has been holding up. With the dehydrator and primer, it’s been on for 3+ weeks! The picture shows my ugly work but I know I will get better with time. Will definitely purchase again when the time comes.