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pH Bonder

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Our Apres pH Bonder is the first step to creating beautiful Gel-X extensions. After prepping the natural nail, our pH Bonder properly dehydrates the nail, removing any oils or residue that could impede a clean and proper Gel-X application. Our Apres pH Bonder works great as a starting point for the Gel-X application but it can also be used for acrylic or gel services as well!

Customer Reviews

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Callie Piccoli
Works really well

I have been using this along with the Non-Acidic Primer. It works really well to prevent lifting with the GelX system and regular gel polish.


this product has become a staple in my nail application procedure. i always feel like it works great!

Selvie S
Works as intended!!!

I recently bought this in order to ensure my mother’s manicures would last longer than 2 weeks. I did her nails last Sunday, (not this most recent one) the 6th, and her nails are holding on strong. I would use this product on myself to ensure long lasting manicures but I enjoy doing my nails every week as I often get bored of the same old thing. (I am in no way, shape or form, a professional nail tech. I am simply a nail enthusiast and love learning on how to do nails at home, on both myself and my mother.) This bonder along with the Non-Acidic Gel Primer has worked as intended. I definitely recommend!!

LeRina Alzahrani

love the fact that Apres have an entire system! this does not disappoint!

Esmeralda Luzaj
Great stuff

Love the product