Extend Gel Sensitive in Bottle Edition

Extend Gel Sensitive in Bottle Edition

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Our signature Extend Gel has just gotten even more nail friendly! Our Extend Gel Sensitive is now available in a HEMA free formulation. What does that mean?

-less chance for allergic reactions
-less additives to the gel 
-more freedom to use Extend Gel confidently on a wide variety of clients!

Now anyone and everyone can confidently experience our revolutionary Gel-X™ system without worry of allergy or irritation!

What You Get:

  • 15mL bottle of Extend Gel Sensitive 
  • Easy application/ applicator
  • Easy removal

It is important to note that HEMA in small amounts is not harmful or dangerous. HEMA is a monomer that improves adhesion and creates a stronger, more durable hold. And Apres takes care to carefully formulate each product with just the right ratio of every ingredient. HEMA under 20% in any product is considered safe. Our original Extend Gel has less than 1%. But there are many nail professionals who prefer HEMA free products and we wanted to make that accommodation so that even more people can enjoy and use Apres products!

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Cynthia M
Not great

I normally use the extend gel when applying the gel c tips and they last a good 3-4 weeks. But the sensitive gel lasted only about a week then nails popped off one by one. It helped with the heating under the lamp but not durable as the original gel.

Stephanie Valencia

I love all the apres nail products. The system works so well. But these latest tips I purchased, the ombré ones gave me a much harder time to apply than usual. Probably the last time I’ll ever buy those. I’ll stick to the clear that cure way better.

The Nail Code LLC
Theeee best EVER!!

Aprés never disappoints!! I didn’t even realize the extend gel came in a 30 mL bottle! I have had a recent increase in gel X clients, so I know that size bottle will last a while!! Thank you guys, I’ll definitely continue to order from your website

I had allergies for years...

And now I can wear apres! I almost cried when I went a few days with wearing them and ZERO reactions! So happy this exists!

Alex LaMonte
Never not going to have it

I’ve been using the gel x system for a while now and I’ll never go back! My retention is amazing and they’re so sleek and light weight