Extend Gel

Extend Gel

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This is the formula the Apres family was built on. Our signature Extend Gel is the linchpin to everything related to the Gel-X™ system. This revolutionary soft gel formula is used to help adhere our Gel-X™ extensions onto the natural nail. When applied correctly, our Extend Gel imparts both strength and flexibility while making it easy to create beautiful, long lasting nails that are also easy to soak off and remove. If you want to know what Apres is all about, try a bottle of Extend Gel and see what we’ve built our entire collection around.

Customer Reviews

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Trust worthy

I’ve established this gel as my go to. I’ve also tried other brands and they kinda work, but I always use Après tips so naturally their gel works best. I really love how it holds my nails and I know I can count on it anytime I want my nails to stay on longer (my maximum test with no lifting was 6 weeks)

It’s a must!

I honestly perfer to use the pot since you get to see what’s left inside unlike the bottle that you struggle with it. This is much easier to use!

Jennifer D.
Bought all the shapes in extra short

I love the length. It’s perfect. Second set I tried I’ve gotten to stay on 2 weeks and going only losing one nail. I have the gel nail glue jar instead of the bottle with brush. I used too much the first time and it was messy but second round was very clean. Highly recommend for those who want a home nail kit system!! (Set shown is stiletto extra short, two weeks out)

Cammie Prieto
A bit of a mess

This stuff is sticky & it can get everywhere so be careful. I highly recommend using a gel brush & in little amounts at a time. Make sure you have rubbing alcohol ready.

Katanya Hall
Easy to use and lasts!

I love this product . I’ve been using this ever since I ran out of the gold bottle extend gel . It lasts and is gentle on my nails.