Extend Gel Gold Bottle Edition

Extend Gel Gold Bottle Edition

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This is the formula the Apres family was built on. 

Our signature Extend Gel is the foundation to everything related to the Gel-X™ system This revolutionary soft gel formula is used to help adhere our Gel-X™ extensions onto the natural nail. When applied correctly, our Extend Gel imparts both strength and flexibility while making it easy to create beautiful, long lasting nails that are also easy to soak off and remove. If you want to know what Apres is all about, try a bottle of Extend Gel and see what we’ve built our entire collection around.


What You Get:

  • 15mL or 30mL gold bottle of Extend Gel
  • Same formula you already love
  • Easy application/ applicator
  • Easy removal

Customer Reviews

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Extend Gel

Love this! It is annoying when you get to the end of the bottle and are trying to get all the product though so maybe the bottle/brush design can be improved.

Taylor S
Great, but the bottles sometimes leak

The product is great! But I had two different bottles from Apres (including the extend gel) leak even with tightly screwed on caps. One of the bottles actually arrived having leaked inside the package. Hoping they work on the packaging, and just make sure you keep everything upright!

Extend Gel 30ml disappointed

I have been using Apres for a while now and I recently had to take a break due to damaging one of my nails (I slammed it into something and caused some bruising) my extend gel is suddenly very thick (I purchased in September and opened in December) and it has caused onycholysis (nail bed lifting) after 2 days on 5 nails (3 on right hand, 2 on left) I am not sure what is going on. I've never had my extend gel thicken this way. I can hold the brush over the bottle and the extend gel will just stay "hanging" between the bottle and the brush. It doesn't slowly move up or down. I honestly thought I ended up with knock off product because I've never had this happen. Even my over year old bottle doesn't do this 😞

I use all Apres products - dehydrator, primer, base coat, rubber base, extend gel, tips-everything is Apres. Over 2 years and never had this problem.

Amanda Ocalagan
Love it

I love the smell, the hold is amazing, I have no lifting, I am just so in love with aprés.

Extend Gel

Love it! Everyone is loving Gel-x here in our salon and this makes the process easy