Aprés Cone Bit - M -White Ceramic

Aprés Cone Bit - M -White Ceramic

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This bit is perfect for maneuvering around hard to reach corners near the cuticle or creating a flush finish after a Gel-X application. It can also be used to etch the underside of any Gel-X tip for better adhesion as well. It’s a versatile bit that will soon become a handy member of your tool kit.

Customer Reviews

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ayeshia harris
Easy cleaning

FYI I am a DIYer!!! I only have done my nails.. this cone is very easy to use , it works really good for cleaning up the cuticles, it fits in my drill without an issue.

Tamara Vickerd
NOT two way rotation

I normally like Apres products, but this is a dud if you are doing your own nails or are a leftie. I contacted them before purchaching and they told me that this bit was two way rotation. They seemed baffled, in fact, by what I meant (???). It means that for left handed users and/or if you're working on yourself with your non-dominant hand the cuts in the ceramic are sharp in either rotation (forward when you are moving counterclockwise or reverse when you are moving clockwise- usually lefties or when doing your non dominant hand). I've been doing nails a long, long time and was excited and ordered it immediately because two way rotation is not common in ceramic bits and certainly not ceramic cuticle bits (cone or flame). I experimented right out of the box and found that it is exactly like other brands that are forward rotation only (clockwise) and the friction only works well when running it right to left, just like all the others on the market (I've since found Grandado are they ARE two way rotation). There is some friction when running it backwards but not nearly what is needed for it's purpose (in my case, sealing the cuticle after gel x application). Waste of money.

Karisma BKNS
Love this bit!

This bit is great for cleaning up after gel x application! Check out my work @bombklawz

Britney Houston
Game changer!!!

This drill bit made all the difference in the world when it comes to the cuticle area and those delicate places or gel overflow clean up. Love it!!!