Holo Effect Powder

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HoloÿEffect Pigment Powder - 1 GRAM

How to use:

  1. Apply color gel polish (black is recommended to achieve the super shiny chrome look).
  2. Apply layer of Apr‚s Top Gelcoat. Cure for 10-30 seconds under UV or LED lamp. NO NEED TO WIPE OFF. If using other brand of topcoat, you must wipe off the tacky residue.
  3. Use a sponge tip or round brush (one used for marbling will work well) and dust on the powder to nail until desired coverage. Highly recommend to do at least 2 coats to achieve the super shiny chrome look.ÿ
  4. Smooth powder with brush to bring out the shine.
  5. Seal with one layer of Apr‚s Top Gelcoat for up to 4 weeks shine!ÿ
Galaxy Holo Effect Pigment Powder - 1gram Directions: 1) Apply choice of gel color polish. Cure in LED/UV light. 2) Use a medium-sized makeup sponge and dab a bit of Apr‚s Galaxy Holo powder onto the sponge. Gently press it onto nail (don't rub like typical pigment powder). Repeat dabbing until you get desired coverage. 3) Apply a layer of Apr‚s Ionic Gel. Cure for 15 seconds in LED or 30 seconds in UV. 4) Apply a final coat of Apr‚s Non-Wipe Top Gelcoat and cure for 30 seconds in LED or 2 minutes in UV.

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