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Zoom Artisté ArtInk Set No. 5
Zoom Artisté ArtInk Set No. 5
Zoom Artisté ArtInk Set No. 5
Zoom Artisté ArtInk Set No. 5

Artisté ArtInk Set No. 5

$ 74.98 USD


Artisté Artink Set No. 5

This set includes 6 pastel watercolor inks to create stunning marbling effects on the nail. Each color is rich and vibrant with a buttery smooth application. Use the blending fluid to erase or define your design exactly the way you want. The control is completely up to you.

Artink can only work on matte surfaces so be sure to apply the correct base coat before using Artisté Artink colors. Seal your beautiful design with Aprés’ Top Gel Coat to lock in the artistry and finish with that classy glossy shine. Each order includes six colors and a 120mL bottle of blending fluid.

Artisté Artink Set No. 5 Includes:

  • Pastel Red
  • Pastel Orange
  • Pastel Yellow
  • Pastel Green
  • Pastel Purple
  • Pastel Blue
  • 120mL bottle of blending fluid

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
I had made these myself as well

I had bought a huge pack of 30 sharpies, isopropyl alcohol, and empty nail polish bottles and made my own DIY alcohol inks based on seeing tons of videos. They turned out great and I’m one of those people who believe if you can make it, do it. I tried to make metallic inks out of sharpies and failed miserably. Which is why I decided to buy the metallic set. And I am SO glad I did. (I later also bought the pastel one as well and another metallic set for my friend because I was so impressed) The colored ones I made (not the Metallic ones I tried to make -they’re unusable) are really great don’t even begin to compare to the pigmentation and workability of the Apres inks. Also, I should add, although the ones I made myself are pigmented, they only work with some matte top coats. They stain others and won’t budge and blend. The Apres inks are a little pricy compared to some other brands but well worth it and they last you FOREVER. You only need the tiniest bit so think of it as an investment to make so many beautiful designs.

Beautiful colors

The only reason it didn’t get 5 starts was because the inks settle at the bottom, and even if this is not such a big deal. Some can be a bit hard to mix... So just know before each use make sure you shake it for at last a good 3-5minutes

Art ink

I love all art ink collections, the best for me because very pigmented 😍

Great product!

Love the ease of doing these nails!!


Excellent Product